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Family Medicine
Jason Hubbard, DO 254-629-5001 Physician Info

Family Nurse Practitioner
Julie Stewart, FNP 254-631-0544 Physician Info
Jackie Tucker, FNP 254-629-3393 Physician Info
Scot Holster, FNP-C 254-629-5001 Physician Info
Alisha Watson, FNP 254-647-1182 Physician Info

Family Practice
Robert C. Deluca, DO 254-629-3393 Physician Info
Alan Mickish, M.D. 254-629-1744 Physician Info

General Surgery
Scott Carpenter, DO 254-631-5254 Physician Info

Internal Medicine
Valerie DeLuca, DO 254-629-3393 Physician Info

Interventional Cardiology and Cardiovascular Disease
Harvinder Arora, M.D., M.P.H. 800-291-5455 Physician Info
Nancy Daggubati, MD 800-291-5455 Physician Info

Prejith Rajendran, MD Physician Info

Anton Melnyk, M.D. 325-692-0188 Physician Info

Neil Bealka, MD 254-715-2903 Physician Info
Frank V. Terrell, MD 866-968-6051 Physician Info

William R. Evans, MD 254-965-2663 Physician Info

Pain Management
Grant Jameson, MD 325-307-6226 Physician Info

Physician Assistant
Sharla Carroll, PA-C 254-629-3393 Physician Info

Podiatric Medicine, Diabetic Foot Care
Danny E. Wheat, DPM 325-670-3338 Physician Info


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Our mission statement and our motto describes our attitude of commitment and personal care to the communities we serve. This spirit of caring started in 1952 when the hospital was originally built by the citizens of Eastland with volunteer labor and donated supplies. It is through this commitment to our community that Eastland has grown to be what it is today. Our History gives us the spirit and pride to serve our community to the very best of our ability, both now and in the future.