Eastland Memorial Acute Care

Acute Care Unit

The Acute Care Unit is a general medical/surgical unit that is structured to provide care to patients who are physiologically stable but have general medical/surgical and cardiac care needs. It consists of 36 beds, including twelve telemetry beds. Thirty-four beds are semi-private and two monitor beds are private. The average census is 12 and nursing hours of care range from 5.5 - 8 depending on census.

The unit is staffed with professional nurses 24 hours a day and seven days a week, who are complemented by licensed vocational nurses, nursing assistants and unit secretaries.

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Our mission statement and our motto describes our attitude of commitment and personal care to the communities we serve. This spirit of caring started in 1952 when the hospital was originally built by the citizens of Eastland with volunteer labor and donated supplies. It is through this commitment to our community that Eastland has grown to be what it is today. Our History gives us the spirit and pride to serve our community to the very best of our ability, both now and in the future.