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Outpatient Services Department

304 S Daugherty St. Eastland, Tx 76448
Phone: (254) 629-2601, Ext 5254
Fax: (254) 631-5377

The Eastland Memorial Outpatient Services Department is designed to give patients the convenience of having IV therapy, injections, blood transfusions, and other various services in a safe comfortable environment, with the flexibility of returning home the very same day. By eliminating overnight stays, the Outpatient Services Department allows patients to avoid the costs and stress associated with the around the clock activities of the hospital, while providing high quality care by dedicated, skilled, and licensed staff.

Outpatient Services are available Monday through Thursday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm.

Services Offered:

IV Hydration Therapy
IV Electrolyte Therapy
Antibiotic Infusion Therapy
Steroid Infusion Therapy
Therapeutic Phlebotomy
Port Flushes
Blood Product Transfusion
Paracentesis Procedures
Indwelling Catheter Insertions and Changes

Please call (254) 629-2601, Ext 5254 for any questions and send physician orders to Outpatient Services Fax: (254) 631-5377

Also offered in partnership with Eastland Memorial Outpatient Services Department is a variety of specialty physicians listed below. Each physician reserves a specific date with Eastland Memorial Hospital, please contact the associated physician's office for consults, referrals, and appointments.


Dr. Nageswari K. Daggubati, M.D.
Phone: (800) 291-5455 Fax: (325) 698-0729
Dr. Harvinder S. Arora, M.D.
Phone: (800) 291-5455 Fax: (325) 793-3190


Dr. Prejith Rajendran, M.D.
Phone: (254) 629-3600 Fax: (254) 629-8858

Orthopedics, Sports Medicine:

Dr. Matthew Maruska, D.O.
Phone: (254) 965-2663 Fax: (254) 968-0729

Ophthalmology, Surgeon:

Dr. Mark J. Phelan, M.D.
Phone: (325) 695-2020 Fax: (254) 695-2326

Pain Management:

Dr. Grant Jameson, M.D.
Phone: (325) 307-6226 Fax: (833) 437-1276


Bryant Better Hearing:
Phone: (325) 690-4070

Orthopedics, Surgeon:

Dr. William Evans, M.D.
Phone: (254) 965-2663


Dr. Anton Melnyk, M.D.
Phone: (325) 672-4368


Dr. Mark Bronson, D.C.
Phone: (817) 732-4441 Fax: (817) 732-2472


Dr. Grady Yoder, M.D.
Phone: (325) 677-2201