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Eastland Memorial Infection Control/Employee Health

Infection Control and Employee Health

All Healthcare Providers, in partnership with the medical staff are responsible for the safety, health and well being of patients, visitors and hospital staff. This responsibility is met by working together continuously to promote safe infection control practices, observance of all rules, regulations, procedural guidelines and continually striving to improve the quality of patient care.

EMH works with both state and federal regulatory agencies to promptly incorporate guidelines that reduce the risks of endemic and epidemic hospital acquired infections in both patients and healthcare workers.

Hand hygiene is our primary preventive measures: Please ask. Never be hesitant to ask any of our team if they have washed their hands before caring for you or your loved one.

Some of the basic precautions that you will see used in our hospital are the ones that protect both our patient and our staff.

Isolation: There are different types of isolation. Based on the patient's symptoms or test results, your doctor of the infection control team may place you in a private room. Communicable diseases can be spread by touch, coughing and drainage and your nurse will explain the precautions at the time you are admitted. You may also see caregivers wearing gloves, masks, gowns or eye protection.